I love to stuff my senses slightly over capacity, be stimulated

just beyond bearable range, stumble startled outside the familiar.

I long to find my limits, flow through my entire range of motion and emotion,

and observe closely the features and details at my peaks and valleys.

I’ll try anything twice, just in case I missed something the first time.

I believe in moderation in all things; including moderation.

I see everything as clouds and waves of energy because it just feels right:

fortunately, quantum theory presents a scientific rationale for the mysterious

energetic connectedness of the universe that becomes more profound and interesting as it unfolds

– besides, most science looks like magic until we understand it.

Everything? EV-er-Y-thing. Music, forests, math, culture, knowledge, thoughts,

cities, homes, dogs, words, trees, parties, brains, dirt, gardens, media, schools, relationships, trains, watersheds…