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Hire Paprika

Tiny House Instructor and Housing Advocate

Paprika Clark is available for hire as a writer, speaker, or instructor. Her particular areas  of expertise are tiny homes and other kinds of alternative housing and how we can reintegrate them into our housing mix to create affordable options and reduce our carbon footprint.

Paprika Clark in the Goldfinch, the second tiny house built with partner Dylan Pankow. They now use the Goldfinch alongside a standalone home as their detached bedroom and home office.

Tiny House Design and Instruction Experience

Bungalow to Go 2010 to 2016 proprietor, designer

design and build tiny homes on wheels, consult on tiny house projects, teach tiny house concepts in classrooms and small groups, tour thousands through tiny homes at the Maker Faire and other events, conduct regulatory research, draft and 3D model, make how to videos, review products

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company 2012 to 2013 instructor, workshop director 

write tiny house workshop curriculum, direct presentation graphics, produce project photography for illustrations and marketing, select instructional samples and materials, teach sixteen weekend long workshops, provide customer technical support, consult on house designs

Other Experience

Freelance Self Employment ongoing sole proprietor

design websites, graphics, and marketing, ghost write, proofread, edit, provide technical support

Hamilton Partners (since closed) 2006 to 2007 market associate

collect market research, make presentation slideshows, produce video shoots, manage front desk

Prettywise Landscape Services 2004 to 2006 proprietor, designer

design and install residential landscapes, specializing in native and drought tolerant gardens

California Flora Nursery 2003 to 2006 sales and care

care for and advise customers on California natives and plants from Mediterranean climates