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How to Balance the US Budget

How to Balance the US Budget

Lower the deficit without crushing the middle class


Simplify and flatten the tax code

Eliminate the complex tax codes and loopholes exempting the super rich from paying fair share.

    The top 20% of the US population owns 90% of the wealth.   yet…

The wealthiest pay far less in taxes by percentage than the middle class – as demonstrated by Warren Buffet – WITHOUT tax planning, expert accountants, and tax shelters.   yet…

 Stock option accounting double standard, deferred compensation, and excessive executive bonuses are unfair and detrimental to our economy. In fact, “Tax and accounting loopholes that largely benefit rich taxpayers and companies cost the government $20 billion a year even as the pay gap between chief executives and employees has widened…


Prevent and penalize offshore corporate tax shelters.

“A patchwork of rules and divergent tax rates allows multinational corporations, especially banks, to set up offices outside their main markets and book earnings accrued over a broad area in the country with the lowest rate, shifting revenue away from countries that impose a higher tax burden.”


Penalize corporate “tax competition” to pay the lowest tax rate possible.

“..many countries are losing tax revenues that could be used to improve social infrastructure. However, none have made any commitment to force companies to explain how their profits are inflated by tax avoidance schemes.”

“Society invests social capital (health, education, family, security, legal system) and expects a return in the shape of taxes.”


Stop waging war

Bring the wars in the Middle East to a swift safe conclusion.

End the war on drugs.


Invest in education

Bring our archaic educational system up to date.

Decentralize school administration to allow competition and locally meaningful curricula

Replace fill the bubble standardized testing with meaningful tests of students’ learning

Relate teacher compensation to student performance and improvement from year to year

Poorly performing teachers should get a career change recommendation


Put vocational training back into public schools.

Not every student is suited to intellectual pursuits in a university environment

Acknowledge cultivate and embrace true diversity in aptitudes and interests


Pay teachers what they’re really worth.

Teachers mold our next generation; give them the compensation they deserve


Provide free quality health coverage to everyone

Free reproductive health services helps prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Reducing costly long-term consequences to society


Public health education and readily available preventive health care reduces long-term costs.

Expensive sick days, hospital visits, and preventable medical conditions


Healthier work force with less stress results in higher productivity.

Better physical health results in better mental and emotional health, higher achievement, and lower occurrence of domestic violence and child abuse


Legalize and regulate lower risk recreational drugs

Legalize and regulate prostitution


Paprika Clark

I’m a lifelong student of language, art, and human nature: an ENFP Aries Fire Dragon Sex Positive Intersectional Feminist Independent. Join me as I feel my way through this. If you have any questions, send them my way - as far as I'm concerned, every day is an Ask Me Anything.

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