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I Love Laci Green

I Love Laci Green

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The Power of Positive Sex Ed

Laci Green’s free, fun, and high quality sex education videos have been a gift for over ten years, and I could not recommend anyone more highly as a resource for exploring sex topics in a positive accepting atmosphere. Not that she needs my praise: she has over a million followers and got named in a 2016 issue of Time Magazine as one of the most influential people on the internet. She was one of the first YouTubers I followed regularly: she’s intelligent, direct, specific, informative, honest, inclusive, and personally revealing on issues when it’s relevant to the topic. She does an amazing job explaining terminology and having nuanced discussions about uncomfortable subjects, like online feminism, that are understanding of differing viewpoints. She’s attractive, but even better, she’s explicitly body positive and beautiful in a somewhat unconventional way. She doesn’t match the size zero Hollywood standard and she wears glasses — which I love. If you haven’t seen her shows, she’s well worth a watch (and a visit on Patreon if you’re into supporting independent creators there). She has made hundreds of videos over the years. She was in a web show called Braless, produced by MTV, but you can also find a ton of her content on her YouTube channel, where she’s been posting for a decade. She has a book published in 2018 called Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, and Enjoying Your Body. I haven’t picked it up yet, but it’s been on my reading list for a while, so I plan to grab a copy soon.

I’m grateful that Laci Green has furthered the sexual conversation in a positive way, because women online are constantly trolled and threatened, even more so when they reference anything to do with sex. I watched a few videos where she acknowledges that she was subjected to particularly painful online harassment, so I feel she deserves to be appreciated even more because she kept doing what she’s great at and providing perspectives our society needs so badly, despite the painful backlash by internet trolls. She has made statements about free speech and dissent that are seen in some quarters as problematic, but nevertheless I see her as a bit of a hero for educating people on the biological, social, and emotional aspects of healthy positive sexuality.

I send tremendous gratitude out to Ms. Green, whatever she may be up to these days, from one sexually liberated CSA survivor who has found healing in her work.

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