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Kate Davis: Angel Smoke Voice

Kate Davis: Angel Smoke Voice

Meet my new music crush: everyone this is Kate Davis. Sometimes I long for something a bit like Mazzy Star (who I love dearly but associate on a sensory level with nearly coagulated honey) but with more… energy. Check this woman out. She’s got words, such beautiful words, and instruments, and VOICE! Ahhhh!!! And this is what I do sometimes on my lunch break. Oh wait. I better eat something!

Eargasm # 1
Kate Davis Performing Smoke


What’s more fun than this excellent # 2?
All About That [Upright] Bass – Jazz Meghan Trainor Cover ft. Kate Davis – Postmodern Jukebox


Oh wait! This # 3 is, because JEFF GOLDBLUM! Don’t watch, take note of cool factor and move on: quality sucks.
Kate Davis and Jeff Goldblum – All About That Bass


Her songs are actually much better, SO spend your precious time instead on this # 4:
Kate Davis – Keep An Open Heart | Sofar New York (#1076)


And if you’re a super nerd like me, here’s a 3 year old fifth grade history lesson with a folk track treat at the end for # 5:
TEDxPortland 2012 – Kate Davis – Your Jeffersonian Moment

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