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Paprika Clark

Paprika Clark started a tiny house building business with her partner Dylan Pankow in 2012. Since taking the leap and building the first one in her suburban front yard, she’s met heart-felt idealists and pragmatic visionaries, taught over a dozen building workshops and volunteer seminars to students age 8 to 80, and coached more than 1000 people toward fulfilling their dreams of a smaller, simpler life. She lives in her second tiny house, adjacent to a small home in Northern California shared with her pets, kids, and extended family.

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Tiny House Resume

Paprika Clark Tiny House Instructor Bungalow to Go | August 2010 to November 2016 | proprietor with partner D. Pankow designing and building tiny homes on wheels, consulting on tiny house projects, drafting and 3D modeling, conducting regulatory research, touring...

Time for Tiny House Influence in Windsor

Windsor California is now laying the groundwork for the next major revision to the General Plan - Windsor 2040. Kudos to what looks to have been an advanced approach to getting feedback from the community, but unfortunately I didn't see anything announcing it or...

Our Tiny Home on CBS Sacramento

The level headed tone of this segment signals a long overdue decline in the shock value of tiny homes in the news media, one I’ve been hoping to see for a while. The perspective in this discussion is “This has potential. What are the obstacles?”