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Tiny House Resume

Tiny House Resume

Paprika Clark

Tiny House Instructor

Bungalow to Go | August 2010 to November 2016proprietor with partner D. Pankow

designing and building tiny homes on wheels, consulting on tiny house projects, drafting and 3D modeling, conducting regulatory research, touring thousands through tiny homes at the Maker Fair and other events, making how to videos, reviewing products

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company2012 to 2013instructor, workshop director

writing tiny house workshop curriculum, directing presentation graphics, producing project photography for illustrations and marketing, adding hands on materials, teaching sixteen weekend long workshops, providing customer technical support, consulting on house designs

Other Experience

Freelance Self Employmentongoingsole proprietor

web design, proofreading, editing, writing coaching, graphic design, technical support

Hamilton Partners (since closed)2006 to 2007marketing associate

collecting marketing research, making presentation slideshows, producing video shoots

California Flora Nurserysummers 2003 to 2006sales and watering

Caring for and thoroughly learning California natives and plants from Mediterranean climes


Santa Rosa Junior College2002 to 2006career certificates

Landscape Management, Garden Design, Business Management, Small Business Marketing

Santa Rosa Junior College2016 to presentAA in Psychology for transfer


Real Time Real Tiny (legacy blog)

Paprika Clark in the Goldfinch, a tiny house built with partner Dylan Pankow. They use the Goldfinch alongside a standalone home as their detached bedroom and home office.

Paprika Clark

I’m a lifelong student of language, art, and human nature: an ENFP Aries Fire Dragon Sex Positive Intersectional Feminist Independent. Join me as I feel my way through this. If you have any questions, send them my way - as far as I'm concerned, every day is an Ask Me Anything.

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